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About Us

Founded by Al Peters and incorporated by LeRoy Nichols in 1954, Peters Construction Co. has maintained a presence in Kalamazoo for over 60 years. Although we began as a small earthmoving contractor and aggregate supplier, today we offer a diversified and skilled union workforce with vast experience in earthmoving operations, grading, road building, and underground utility construction. Take a look around our site to see some of what we have to offer and contact us if you have an opportunity or a question.

Our Vision.

We serve a large variety of customers, both public and private, and prize our myriad long-standing relationships with customers, architects, and engineers. We work with solid subcontractors and suppliers who we can count on to deliver what we need when we need it, because the basis of our relationships is doing what we say we will do, within the timeframe we promise, and at the price we agree upon. Doing this requires critical problem-solving skills and timely communication and we pride ourselves on the manner with which we handle the unexpected situations and unanticipated conditions that abound in the underground construction arena. We are nothing if not adaptable.

Company Profile.

We have a seasoned core of experienced people that understand the value of long-term relationships and still hold dear some of the traditional methodologies of yesterday, like mentoring the newer, younger, and less experienced employees they may work alongside. We also employ a fair number of bright young people embracing and more adept at utilizing the newer and more effecient technology of today.


So, whether you are a general contractor or construction manager looking for an excavating subcontractor, a developer or owner looking for an excavating contractor, or you need someone to manage the entire scope of your civil project, please consider Peters Construction. We've got the resources and expertise to meet the rigorous demands of the increasing size and compressed schedules found in today's public marketplace, but we're also nimble enough to address the fluid and dynamic nature of projects in the private sector.

We've been right here since 1954 and we'd like to be there for you.

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